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Ask a Dentist About Orthodontic Options

Ask a Dentist About Orthodontic Options

When you visit our dentist office for orthodontics, we will conduct a physical examination and take X-rays of your mouth. This will allow us to determine the exact position of your teeth and what needs to happen to move them into the right position. This will also allow us to see how your jaw fits together so we can make a plan for moving it as necessary. During your appointment, we encourage you to ask questions so you can understand the differences between the various types of treatments, what you can expect, and how they will impact your lifestyle. Before coming in for your appointment, here are three things you should know.

Important Orthodontic Information

Straightening teeth takes time

While most people want straight teeth quickly, it is important that we take our time in doing so. If the straightening process pushes the teeth too forcefully, it can damage the teeth or the root structure. We will ensure the teeth move into the right position at a steady pace. During your initial consultation, we can let the patient know how long we anticipate it taking, so the patient can prepare.

You have treatment options with our dentist office in Little Elm.

It used to be that if you wanted to straighten your teeth, people had to wear metal braces. While this solution is highly dependable and effective, it is not for everyone. Metal braces are ideal for children who are still growing or for those who do not have all their permanent teeth. Traditional braces are also ideal for adults with severe jaw issues. However, if a patient wants to straighten his or her teeth discreetly, clear aligners are the best way to do so. Clear aligners fit around the teeth like retainers for at least 22 hours per day.

Clear aligners are virtually invisible and difficult to see, making it possible to straighten teeth with few people noticing. Typically, we only recommend clear aligners for adults and older teens. If a patient has very small issues that we can address, like a gap between the front teeth, both of these orthodontics solutions may be unnecessary. In this case, cosmetic dentistry options like dental veneers or dental bonding may be able to close the gap in a couple of weeks.

Caring for your teeth is critical.

Regardless of how the patient decides to straighten his or her teeth, taking care of them is of utmost importance. The patient needs to be careful with what he or she consumes at meals. Avoid anything highly acidic with a low pH level. This includes drinking soda or juice. Patients also need to avoid eating anything sticky, hard, crunchy, or acidic, since these items can damage braces and teeth. If a patient is wearing aligners, the process is easier, since the patient can simply remove the aligners while eating.

However, the patient still wants to avoid cavities or erosion. To do so, brush and floss after every meal and visit our Little Elm dentist office for teeth cleanings twice per year. Regular teeth cleanings will keep the teeth in the best condition.

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