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Ask a Family Dentist: Should My Kids Avoid Juice and Soda?

You entrust your family dentist to protect your kids’ teeth. They do not just clean the teeth, but they can also offer suggestions for maintaining oral hygiene. Find out what a family dentist has to say about juice and soda. Should kids avoid these drinks altogether or are they fine in moderation? Soft drinks Children […]

The Advantages of Family Dentistry in Little Elm

Family dentistry has numerous intrinsic advantages, both for you as the patient and for us as the provider of Little Elm family dentistry services. For starters, the families who have overcome the idea of avoiding the dentist office discover they have much healthier teeth. This is because when a family, or an individual, comes in […]

Tips for Stopping Bad Breath from your Family Dentist

If you have bad breath, your family dentist can help. Bad breath is a common problem that can impact people of all ages. Whether you are healthy and in shape, or sick, you can be plagued with stale or foul smelling breath. Gum, mints, and mouthwash are common ways to freshen your breath and mask […]

Visit Our Family Dentist Office for a Healthy Smile

As a family dentist office, our goal is for you to have lifelong oral health.  As such, we focus on patient education by showing you how to practice good oral hygiene at home, eat a mouth healthy diet, and prevent cavities and infections.  We also suggest that you visit our office for a teeth cleaning […]