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Keeping Teeth Healthy During an Orthodontics Treatment

Proper teeth and gum care are essential during an orthodontics treatment. When you have braces or an aligner, your teeth are more vulnerable to decay, and your gums are more vulnerable to disease. Take these liabilities seriously by learning how to clean your teeth and gums correctly and thoroughly during this time of dental improvement. […]

Ask a Dentist About Orthodontic Options

When you visit our dentist office for orthodontics, we will conduct a physical examination and take X-rays of your mouth. This will allow us to determine the exact position of your teeth and what needs to happen to move them into the right position. This will also allow us to see how your jaw fits […]

Straighten Your Teeth with Help from Our Dental Office

We offer orthodontics solutions at our dental office.  We specifically focus our expertise on helping you straighten your teeth, improve your bite, and correcting how your teeth fit together by ensuring that your jaws line up the correct way.  We can help you to straighten your teeth in a permanent way so that you no longer […]

Childrens Orthodontics and Thumb Sucking

Many babies will suck on their thumb which could cause the need for children orthodontics in the future. It is fairly normal for babies to either suck their thumb or use a pacifier in order for them to self-sooth. It is best to not encourage this habit whenever possible, but it tends to form naturally. […]

More About Orthodontics and Oral Surgery for the Jaw

As a provider of orthodontics, we have the expertise to diagnose symptoms that may seem unconnected to the mouth, and connect them back to the jaw bone. A misaligned jaw may or may not manifest itself with traditional symptoms. The jawbone, being in the face, has been known to cause problems to the overall health […]