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Are You Looking to Replace Your Dental Bridges?

Those looking for dental bridges should visit our dental office. We have the skills and expertise required to create beautiful and natural looking bridges to replace your missing teeth. This is a viable alternative to wearing dentures and one that many people prefer. A bridge remains in place and doesn’t need to be taken out at night, nor does it accidentally fall out while eating or speaking, as can happen with dentures.

Still, we have helped a lot of patients that got a dental bridge years ago, only to find that it doesn’t fit as well as they would like, or it is looking worn and dated. Any restoration you get may need to be replaced eventually for while we use durable materials, the mouth is a living and breathing organism that can change. The size and shape of your pallet, for example, can change due to bone loss and old age. What you eat and drink can also influence the appearance of your bridge and the surrounding teeth. This can create esthetic issues that need to be corrected, and in our office, we have the expertise to do so.

Modern technology has made it possible for us to create dental bridges which look completely natural. This makes them a better solution than bridges created twenty years ago.  In the past, some bridges were created without using an impression of the mouth so that the fit wasn’t perfect or exact.  Having a perfect fit versus having a close fit, makes a major impact in how comfortable wearing a bridge can be and even if it used to fit perfectly, but your palate changed, it may no longer be providing the appearance or functionality that it used to. In any case, we can replace it while ensuring your comfort.

The process of getting a new dental bridge is relatively straightforward. An impression must be made of your mouth so that we can have the exact measurements for your teeth and gums. A bridge, after all, has two main components. The section that fits around your gums needs to have the exact fit so that it isn’t loose and won’t cause any unnecessary irritation.  Simultaneously, it must look natural, otherwise people will be able to tell that you are wearing synthetic teeth when you smile. Simultaneously, your teeth must also look perfect and be made using an impression of all of your teeth.  Not only do they need to be the right size, shape, and shade but they must also fit with your existing teeth so that your bite will not be disturbed.

Perfecting your bite is one of the most critical steps whenever you get a crown or dental bridges  Every ridge on your tooth must fit with the teeth above and next to it so that you don’t experience discomfort or irritation while eating.  In order to do so, the dental lab must pay attention to every ridge on your tooth. We are attentive to every detail when creating a new bridge so that the results look beautiful, natural and are comfortable.