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Visit Our Dental Office for Preventative Care

A visit to the dental office is probably  the single most effective way to prevent infections, cavities, and oral diseases. We have found that people who visit the dental office on a regular basis have  significantly fewer problems with their teeth. This is because when you come to our dental office at least once every six months, we have the opportunity to inspect your teeth, clean them,  and catch any budding problems before they become serious so that we can deal with them in their infancy.

Regular Dental Visits Are Necessary for Preventative Care

There are numerous dental problems that can spring up when people do not visit the dentist on a regular basis. It is for this reason that we recommend a regularly scheduled maintenance visit so that we can ensure that your teeth remain in optimum health.  Very often we have patients who wonder why we, as a dentist, want to have them come in twice a year when it seems like there are no existing problems for us to deal with during these biannual visits. The answer is simple, in that it is these biannual visits that prevent the problems in the first place. So here is what you can expect when you come in to have your regularly scheduled visit at our dental office.

When you come into the dental office for the first time, or after a long duration has passed, we need to make sure that  we have a clear understanding of everything that is going on in your mouth. In order to achieve this, we will perform a detailed examination of your mouth and will also need to get x-rays and panoramic x-rays so that we can see if there are any underlying problems in the gum or root areas.  You will not need to get x-rays every time you come in for a regularly scheduled maintenance visit to the dental office, however, we will need to update the x-rays and other visual dental tools from time to time, typically once every few years.

During your typical bi-annual visits to our dental office our primary goal is to make sure that we are inspecting your teeth, looking for soft spots and other possible flaws, inspecting your gums to make sure that there is no onset of gum disease, and cleaning off any excess plaque that may have built up since the last visit.  We’ll look for soft spots because they are an indication that there is a buildup of bacteria, and a strong potential for creating cavities. If the spot is too soft we will recommend removing the decay and putting in a filling.

Teeth cleaning is one of the most important parts of a regularly-scheduled dental office visit. When we clean your teeth professionally we are able to get up into spots that for your toothbrush cannot normally reach. Because your toothbrush cannot get into all the crevices and hidden spots, we need to make sure that there is no buildup of plaque in those areas. If plaque is allowed to build up because the toothbrush was unable to get to it, it can lead to decay, cavities, gum disease, periodontal disease, and other complications.

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